ARI Technical Services

ARI also offers to its customers a broad range of acoustical engineering services as an extension to your technical capabilities.

Acoustic Testing and Analysis:

  • Performing on-site noise measurements per customer’s or market requirements
  • Assistance in analyzing customer data and development of customer’s test plans;
  • Assistance in making project-specific test plans in support of overall program objectives;
  • Obtain, Record and analyze sound or vibration data via narrow-band (FFT) or 1/3 octave.
  • Benchmarking your current treatments or noise on your competitor’s products.
  • Providing interim and final written reports, and/or verbal updates as needed.

Design Recommendations

Assistance in developing custom solutions for noise problems, including:

  • Material recommendations based on operating environments and temperatures, performance objectives,  and cost;
  • Material sizing (thickness, surface areas, etc.) and placement based on noise sources, levels, and frequency spectra;
  • Assistance with enclosure design and testing. Design or re-design recommendations for customer’s machines and machine enclosures to optimize noise attenuation while meeting overall project cost objectives – often, the most effective noise solution consists of machine modifications or a well-designed enclosure in addition to acoustic materials,  not simply adding more material
  • Where internal combustion engines or air compressors are involved, we can also make intake and exhaust silencing design recommendations; we can as well propose efficient cooling fan systems for effective but quiet airflow.
  • Sourcing assistance.

Advanced Resources:

  • Our staff has over 50 years of OEM noise control experiences and has run and managed several acoustical laboratories for leading manufacturers. Qualifications include advanced engineering degrees and professional engineer registration.
  • ARI utilizes its professional experiences to network with other key suppliers and technical resources to bring such supplemental entities in on projects when and if needed. Activities could include; flammability testing, material qualification, UL, FAR testing and CAD Design.

Our #1 goal is to provide cost-effective solutions to noise problems!